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VISION Large space or special space from high rize or large building of today require energy conservation, effective HVAC and fire safety assessment that are to be analyzed through CFD analysis, fire/egress simulation supported by some research and experiments, thus produce improvement scheme. R & D center which is a company affiliate of Yungdo accumulated various design technology and know-how through technology development and research planning and is equipped with abilities to support pro-environmental design and risk free design. Yungdo is aiming to shoot up into not only domestic but global market with incessant reforms to apply global standards.
R&D LAB This area includes computerized fluid dynamics(CFD) and computer simulation for effective HVAC and energy saving of large or special spaces, heat and smoke simulations for evacuation and safety procedures, and surveys, tests and researches for building improvement.
Major Field of Research
- Fire-Smoke: CFD, FDS, CFAST Simulation
- Evacuation: Pathfinder, Simulex Simulation
- Contam Simulation :Stack Effect Analysis
- LCC(Life Cycle Cost) Analysis & Evaluation
- Contam Simulation
- Product development, test, research
- Research for Super High-rise building
- Research subject for National enterprise
- Friendly-Environment Consulting
Research Institute Organization Chart
연구소 조직도
Evacuation System, in which use       toilet space of high rise building Ventilator, in which use solar or       wind power.