BIM (Building Information Modeling) - MPF Design BIM design is an unprecedented technology in construction industry which uses 3D modeling(Building Information Modeling). BIM system is not only utilized in the planning stage but in the design, construction and maintenance stages. The system is utilized for various informations at relevant stages rather for simple projection of structures, thus making significant progress in construction industry. Through the functions of BIM to check the discrepancies of design of each discipline in real time, design errors are easily discovered and corrected.

Yungdo Engineering can bring the Integrated Design Solution through BIM system with various database and 3D modeling with visualization of pipings, ducts, electrical lines and building structures, and the correctness of designs in each stages is to be leveled up.
- Improve reliability of drawings
- Enable various analysis through the application of engineering data
- Minimize intervention through 3D and it make possible construction period shorten
- Provide accurate material calculation, various possibilities of application for maintenance