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Planning and design for building mechanical facilities is to do engineering HVAC(Heating-Ventilating-Air conditioning) system in order to maintain the indoor temperature, humidity, air cleanliness, loudness to a certain level against any outdoor circumstances together with sanitary systems of water supply and discharge. Accordingly it is very important core system of building often compared with the lung and blood line of human body. Maintaining proper temperature and humidity and ventilation is imperative to achieve comfortable indoor circumstances through the operation of building mechanical facilities. The systems handling water which is used daily by human being also are an imperative element in the building.

Yungdo Engineering is dedicated in the planning and designing of HVAC system and water handling system which is quite appropriate to the large or high rise buildings of domestic and overseas sector supported by plenty of the achievement and experiences in the sectors of not only for general buildings but for the large buildings like as atrium, convention, dome arena etc. We assure you the value of buildings to be enhanced with best optimization of energy consuming plan by proper system of low energy equipments.
- HVAC System Planning & Design
- Planning and Design of sanitary systems for water supply and draining
- Planning and Design of sewage and wastewater systems
- Building energy load analysis and saving plans
- Environment-friendly LEED Design
- Computer modeling analysis (CFD SIMULATION)

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