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Engineer Group, YUNGDO realising comfortable, safe & energy efficient life-space
As an engineering entity pursuing effective and comfortable living space, Yungdo Engineering utilizes advanced technology and differed consulting capability to design buildings with comfortable and effective value for living spaces of human-being.

Engineering specialty enterprize of 27 years anniversary this year from the foundation of 1988 leads the market with excellent design capabilities in building mechanical system and fire protection system, and construction supervision capability, and strategical consulting ability with advanced technology and know-how. And Yungdo is approaching to the era appearing spaces of comfortable indoor environments and energy effective spaces.
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Capable Design and Consulting for Overseas Big Project
Yungdo, having various design experience for overseas big projects for long period, is designing to the global standards with accumulated technology and know-how. High level designs meeting complicated global standards and satisfying overseas owners with analysis of global code and standards can be unique solution as a specialty entity.
to Understand with Clients
Yungdo solves serious worries of architects and owners technically. Yungdo supports for effective business as a specialty group of consultant in the aspect of architects and owners and suggests with discriminated technology and know-how about the fundamental requirements and directions of architects and owners with analysis and strategical insight. Yungdo is proud of the specific suggestions with sincerity keeping the attitude of partner 'saying the success of project is our success'. Yungdo is endeavoring incessantly to become a most familiar partner who always want to go together with architects and owners.