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2011~Now Globalization
2011.10 Organized PBD Team
2012.10 Organized Pre-Disaster Effect Assessment Team
2013.03 Inchoen International Airport Design & Supervision
2015.06 Registered Construction Technology Service-Design, Construction Management (General)
2016.11 Awarded Prize of Minister of Science, ICT & Future Planning
2019.07 Awarded Prize of Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
2020.07 Awarded Prize of Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
2020.07 Awarded Prize of Prime Minister
2011 - 현재 컨텐츠 이미지
Taking off to Global enterprise
Yungdo has various experiences in China, Russia, U.A.E, Azervizan, Lybia, Qatar, Khazakstan, Angola, Algeria, Srilanka, Vietnam, Sipan, Indonesia etc and making foundations for globalization. In domestic sectors, Yungdo also has project experience like as Jamsil Lottte Tower in Seoul, NEATT in SongdoIncheon, Metapolis stage II in Gyunggi, Y-City and I&TDC in Koyang, I-Park and Park Hyatt in Pusan and is leading designs for high-rise and spreads the technology.

On the other hand, Yungdo designed and supervised the No.3 passenger terminal of Incheon international Airport project which is the entrance of Korea and hub-airport of North-East Asia. Yungdo also is being well acknowledged in the field of railway project with various railway projects particularly with Yongsan Railway Base relocation project.
2001 - 2010 Stabilization Period
2005. 10 Registered to Fire authority of professional fire protection site supervision
2007.02 Company move to addressed 5th~6th floor Jinyoung Bldg. #277-29, Sungsu 2nd street 3, Seongdong, Seoul, Korea
2009.01 Company Built New Headquarter building and move to addressed Yungdo Bldg. #40-1, Samsung, Gangnam, Seoul, Korea
2009.02 Registered R&D LAB
2001 - 2010 컨텐츠 이미지
Preparing Stable base for growth
Based on the prominent growth in the past, Yungdo acquired deep trust by clients against high quality design and technology in years 2000 after 12 years from foundation. Stable operation after high growth allowed Yungdo to build a new office building at Samsungdong, Seoul in 2007 and to establish an affiliate R & D center and begin to research design technology to enhance high design quality and consulting ability to render them to the clients.

Major design achievements in the period are the projects of Incheon Asian Game stadium, SKT Euljiro office building, Yonse University Songdo campus, Hyundai Department Chonho store, Lotte Department Incheon store, Mia store, Pyungtaek store, Aiekyung Station, Pangyo Alpha Dome, Yongsan Park Tower, Jamsil Lotte Castle Gold, Changwon Convention, Jaai, Sajik #1 area Urban Redevelopment, Saipan World Resort, Laora Obey Golf Resort, Intercontinental Angola, Seoul Asan Hospital, Daegu Subway #3 line, Seoul Subway #9 line, Imundong Railway Base etc.
1991 - 2000 Growth Period
1991.10 Yungdo Engineering Co. Inc.. Established above Joongang Engineering Firm absorbed (CEO Jong Koo, Huh inauguration)
1992.08 Company move to addressed #647-9, Yeoksam, Gangnam, Seoul, Korea
1992.10 Registered to Ministry od Science and Technology as qualified Engineering Firm.
1993.08 Registered to Membership of Korea Engineering Service Association
1995.01 Registered to Seoul city authority as 1st class engineering and supervision for fire protection service
1996.01 Company Built Headquarter building and move to addressed #246-12, Jamsil, Songpa, Seoul, Korea
1996.05 Increase amount of Capital (\200,000,000)
1997.09 Registered to Ministry construction as qualified firm of mechanical supervision
1991 - 2000 컨텐츠 이미지
Running for growth
Yungdo merged Choongang Engineering in 1991, and built corporate office building at Jamsil in 1996 and continues the growth with several design project.

The major projects implemented in this period are the projects of Dongdaegu station where total air conditioning is applied, Kwangju information communicating center for Hankuk Communication by which technology of constant temperature and humidity is applied in data storage facility, Further experience projects are listed as Jamsil Lotte World, Yeoksamdong Star Tower, Yeoksamdong LG Kangnam Tower, Coex Convention Center, Coex Intercontinental, Grand Intercontinental, Kangwon Land, Yongsan Privtefunded station, Mokdong Hyundai Hyperion, Pusan Grand Hotel, Pusan Station and technology power is acknowledged by clients with the projects listed. Through the project of Gyunggido #2 office building, VAV system is applied and Yungdo performed Class 100 clean room of semi-conductor plant for LG engineering.
Incorporation - 1990
1988.08 JoongAng Engineering Firm Established
1989.09 Company move to addressed #509, Shinsa, Gangnam, Seoul, Korea
창립 - 1990 컨텐츠 이미지
Leaving a mark on history
Yungdo started as the name of Choongang Engineering in 1988 at Yoidodong Haekyung building #402 with the project of Ssangyong Motor Group Maintenance Shop, Ssangyong APT in Guwoldong Incheon, and Ssangyong ALC plant in Asan.

After one year from starting, moved to Sinsadong Kangnamgu and experienced the project of Korea Science and Technology Center New Building, Yeongdeungpo Lotte Private funded Station, Gunposanbon, Iribuseong, Daegu Daegokdong Apt, SeoInchon LNG complex power plant, Kukdong refinery 800,000BBL Oil Tank, Yeochon Oil Tank Terminal. Through these projects, foundation of the corporation become concrete.